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Behaviour Management Professional Learning

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School Based In House Staff Training

FiveStep® Programme

Workshops 2 - 4 hours


FiveStep is a self-sustaining cost effective whole school student engagement and behaviour management programme.  On-site training develops a team approach to behaviour management and the teaching staff as a whole or in part, are trained to engage students and manage their behaviour positively and proactively.

FiveStep incorporates our innovative proprietary learning system that enables teachers to easily acquire and retain effective behaviour management skills.

(Downloadable .pdf file)

Primary or Secondary School

•  Proactive Behaviour Management

•  Interactive Behaviour Management

•  Restorative Classroom Strategies

•  Dealing With Apathy and Negativity

•  New Teachers: Training in Specific

    Strategies and Skills

•  Building Behaviour Learning Teams

Individual or group coaching for specific problems or needs can be provided in-house.

Session lengths are needs based.

Arrangements should be made through the school concerned.

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