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Teaching Making a Difference, 3rd Edition, Wiley

Rick Churchill, Peter Ferguson, Sally Godinho, Nicola Johnson, Amanda Keddie, Will Letts, Jenny Mackay, Michèle McGill, Julianne Moss, Michael Nagel, Paul Nicholson, Melissa Vick

ISBN 9780730310228

Teaching Making a Difference, 3rd Edition will help you understand what makes a good teacher in a diverse classroom. As a future teacher, understanding the different learning styles of students is important. Teaching Making a Difference, is structured around the Australian Curriculum and uses real examples, making it easy to apply what you learn to the classroom.

This Wiley text also comes with iStudy, an interactive study aid. The Teaching Making a Difference iStudy has a number of local videos and interactive modules that include activities to test your knowledge and aid in your understanding of the text. Best of all, iStudy is available on a range of operating systems which means you can use it anytime, anywhere.


• Chapter Case Studies – Real life examples that are related to topics covered in the chapter

• Shared classroom experiences from real teachers

• What can I take into the classroom? Ideas, strategies and tips on how to take what you learn from the book and put it into practice in the classroom

• End of chapter practice activities and questions to help you understand key concepts




Australian Council for Educational Research

Coat of Many Pockets

   - Managing Classroom Interactions, ACER

Out of Print & Rare

It was published by (A.C.E.R.) the Australian Council for Educational Research.  This handbook is intended for beginning and returning teachers as well as educators wanting to enhance their behaviour management skills.

Based on the work of seminal behaviour management thinkers, the text explains the aims of, and develops the practical techniques involved in managing individuals and groups in the classroom.

The book shows teachers how to replace their customary reactions to difficult behaviour with skilled responses that contain the behaviour while engaging the student. The reader will learn practical social, emotional and cognitive responses to any challenging or confronting behaviour.

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